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Alan Noble

Alan Noble
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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Engineering Director for Google Australia and New Zealand, Alan Noble, has been appointed an Adjunct Professor to the University of Adelaide's School of Computer Science.

Mr Noble, a University of Adelaide engineering graduate, joined Google in February 2007 and was a keynote speaker at last year's University Open Day.

His University affiliation is expected to attract many computer science and engineering students, with Google actively seeking out Australian graduates to work on global projects and products, as well as offering a range of scholarships.

"I'm thrilled with this appointment, which will build on Google's close ties with the University of Adelaide," Mr Noble said. "There's exciting work being undertaken here. A strong stream of skilled computer science graduates is vital to Australia's future and we're committed to helping universities realise this."

The Acting Head of Computer Science at the University of Adelaide, Associate Professor David Munro, described Mr Noble's appointment as "a perfect fit".

"Not only can Google benefit from the talented pool of graduates entering the workforce from our programs, but Alan's success and the potential for graduates to embark on dynamic careers can only inspire high school students to apply for our courses," Associate Professor Munro said.

The University of Adelaide delivers high quality computer science and engineering graduates who are in demand by information and communications technology companies such as Google. Google's Australian engineers work on groundbreaking global projects such as Google Maps (invented in Australia), network infrastructure challenges and collaborative online applications.

Google is actively involved in computer science education throughout Australia, providing student scholarships, prizes and making numerous technical presentations Australia-wide.

Both Google and the University of Adelaide have also found common ground in their support for women pursuing a career in the computing and technology field.

Google offers an annual $10,000 Anita Borg Scholarship to Australian female university students, in memory of the respected computer scientist who worked to increase the ranks of women in technology. The University of Adelaide also hosts events such as the "Women in Technology Challenge", targeted at senior female secondary students who excel in science, maths and physics.

Google research grants totalling $104,000 were awarded to the School of Computer Science in December 2007 to improve students' problem-solving skills and the development of novel 3D techniques.


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