Uni to promote lifelong learning to South Koreans

Wednesday, 13 October 2004

The University of Adelaide stands to gain from South Korea's recent decision to reduce its workweek from six to five days.

Along with the introduction of the shorter workweek, the South Korean Government and industry is now promoting lifelong learning with the prime objective of cultivating job skills.

And in an attempt to better explain and articulate the concept of lifelong learning, Australian educational institutions have been afforded the opportunity to promote their professional continuing education programs at a series of seminars in South Korea over the next few months.

"At present, lifelong learning is a new concept to South Koreans," said Ms Liz Pryzibilla, the University of Adelaide's Director of the Centre for Professional and Continuing Education and the English Language Centre.

"Historically, Koreans undertake university study going all the way to obtaining a PhD, rather than participating in independent short courses to improve their skills.

"With this change, we will be aiming to promote our model and vision of lifelong learning. In addition, we will promote opportunities for them to undertake short courses overseas, promote professional continuing education opportunities and position the University of Adelaide as a leader in this regard," she said.

Organised by the Australian Government's AEI - International Education Network, seminars are slated for October, November and December.

"We are excited by this prospect which is an outstanding opportunity to promote our services in a new market," Ms Pryzibilla said.


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