$1.7 million for industry-linked research

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Friday, 30 May 2008

The University of Adelaide has been awarded more than $600,000 by the Australian Research Council (ARC) to collaborate with industry on a range of engineering, agricultural and community projects.

An additional $1.1 million has been pledged by the University's industry partners in the latest round of Linkage Project funding to commence in July.

The money will fund industry-linked research projects at the University of Adelaide over the next four years.

"Research with industry is one of the areas in which the University of Adelaide can make a significant impact," says Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Strategy) Professor Mike Brooks.

"We are delighted that we can contribute to areas as diverse as nutrition, construction, environmental challenges and public services. It demonstrates the breadth of research and expertise for which the University of Adelaide is renowned."

Details of the projects are:

  • $153,762 to develop reinforced, ultra-high performance concrete to strengthen buildings and mitigate loss of life, injuries and economic disruption in the event of a building collapse. VSL Australia is collaborating with the University on this four-year project.

  • $85,000 to increase iron content in wheat and other cereal grains for human nutritional benefits. The University will work with the HarvestPlus Challenge Program to achieve this goal and thereby address iron deficiency health-related problems worldwide, while also raising profitability for Australian farmers.

  • $76,880 to help manage coastal lagoons, including the Murray mouth, to prevent water quality degradation and improve river flows. This is a joint project with the Murray Darling Basin Commission.

  • $300,000 to investigate more effective ways to allocate public funds for government services. This is a collaborative project between the University of Adelaide and the South Australian Government to evaluate the long-term costs and benefits of community-based initiatives.


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