Funding agreement secures student services

Monday, 23 June 2008

The University of Adelaide and its student union, the Adelaide University Union, have signed a 10-year funding agreement that will secure the long-term future of student services and activities at the University.

"The Adelaide University Union (AUU) has long been an intrinsic part of University life, adding significantly to the experience we offer students," said University of Adelaide Vice-Chancellor and President Professor James McWha.

"The introduction of Voluntary Student Unionism meant considerable uncertainty for the future of student services in universities across Australia.

"The good working relationship between the University and the AUU meant we were able to ensure the continuation of services highly valued by students including student support and employment services, sports and clubs, student representation and activities and events on all campuses.

"This 10-year funding agreement will help secure the long-term future for the AUU and the services and activities that our students want."

The new funding agreement allows for base funding of $1.2 million a year, to be reviewed annually, plus considerable additional support in facilities maintenance, special grants and in-kind support.

The Adelaide University Union over the years has provided material support to thousands of students through its counselling and employment services while also delivering high profile events such as the annual O'Ball and PROSH week which raises considerable funds for charity. It has also nurtured the careers of many community leaders including the Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard, president of the AUU in 1981-1982.

AUU President Lavinia Emmett-Grey said the Union, through its affiliate bodies, provided the "community" aspect of student life.

"The University's commitment to fund the AUU for the next 10 years ensures the continuance of our campus culture," she said.

"One of the key factors that distinguishes the University of Adelaide from a degree factory is that its students and graduates have access to a vibrant, diverse student community, provided by the AUU since 1895."


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