Talented school students get a university Headstart

Tuesday, 11 March 1997

Talented school students get a university Headstart Highly talented and motivated secondary school students can fast-track their university study by enrolling in University of Adelaide subjects while still at school, under a new scheme announced on 14 March.

The Headstart scheme - being piloted this year - makes a range of University of Adelaide subjects available to high-achieving students in Stage Two of the SACE. Grades will be recorded and may be used for status if the student is eventually admitted to a course for which the subject attracts points.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide, Professor Mary O'Kane, said Headstart would enable students to fast-track their course or, at the very least, take a wider range of subjects than usual.

"The main value of the scheme will be the extra challenge and stimulation provided by university study," Professor O'Kane said. "By the time Headstart students begin full university study, they will be well-equipped for the intellectual rigours of university - not to mention being comfortable and familiar with university-style teaching."

Exceptional secondary students have been allowed to study at the University on rare occasions in the past, but the University has decided to formalise and promote the arrangements.

Subjects can be chosen from the Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematical and Computer Sciences, Performing Arts and Science. Students eligible for a place in the scheme this year will be completing Stage

Two of their SACE. They will need an average score of 15 or better out of 20 for SACE Stage Two subjects already taken, and at least 17 out of 20 for any SACE Stage Two subject which is a pre-requisite for the University subject to be studied.

Students undertaking Headstart will usually be students who do not have a full load - for example, they could have completed some Year 12 subjects while in Year 11, or they could be "Year 13" students. Students will be admitted on a fee-paying basis.


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