U.S. attacks bring increase in Japanese students

Wednesday, 23 January 2002

More Japanese students are coming to Adelaide to learn English as their universities cancel group study tours to the United States because of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Adelaide University has reported a significant increase in the number of Japanese students booked for short-term study programs at its English Language Centre. This year, about 250 Japanese students will participate in four-week English language and culture programs at the Centre compared with 103 last year.

"The increase is in both the number of Japanese universities and the number of students from each university," said Ms Liz Pryzibilla, Director of the University's Centre for Professional and Continuing Education. "Next month alone we will have 104 students visiting from four different Japanese universities. Two of the universities had been planning to go to the United States but cancelled because of the September 11 attacks. We have also been approached by five other Japanese universities which previously sent groups to the United States each year but are now interested in switching to Adelaide.

"Since September 11, many Japanese parents are nervous about their children going to the United States. They see Adelaide as a much safer alternative. Japanese universities run study trips annually so there is an opportunity here for Adelaide to capture an increased share of the market."

The study tours take place during vacation time at Japanese universities (February/March and July/August). During their month in Adelaide, the students undertake English language classes and a cultural activity program and are placed with Australian homestay families.

Ms Pryzibilla said that as a result of the increased numbers, more homestay families would be needed to host visiting Japanese students. homestay families are paid a weekly allowance of $150. Anyone interested in hosting a student should contact Study Tours Manager Sue Boehm at tel. 8303 4777.

Adelaide University's English Language Centre is a new "umbrella" Centre which runs and markets language and culture programs for the international market. The programs, which were previously run by the University's Centre for Professional and Continuing Education, include pre-enrolment English courses for international students who have sought entry to the University, inbound study tours, and other English as a second language courses.


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