University welcomes positive quality audit

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The University of Adelaide has welcomed a positive audit from the national quality assurance agency for higher education.

The report, published Wednesday 17 December, is part of Cycle 2 of the Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) audits of all Australian universities and other institutions of higher education under its mission to help enhance and provide public assurance of the quality of higher education offered by Australian universities.

The Audit Panel spoke with about 250 staff, students, external stakeholders, offshore partners and other members of the University community.

University of Adelaide Vice-Chancellor and President Professor James McWha said he was very pleased with the report and its support for the direction the University was taking in its aim to become a leader in learning and teaching excellence.

"This report is an endorsement of many significant steps we have taken and are taking in the area of learning and teaching across the University," Professor McWha said.

"I was particularly pleased with AUQA's commendation over our moves to strengthen the quality assurance role of our Academic Board. AUQA also recognises and commends some of our outstanding and innovative curriculum, innovative approaches to learning and teaching, and moves towards a 'whole of university' approach in implementing these."

Other commendations highlighted areas of international success such as the international agreements framework, programs which are leading the way in embedded English language support, and the services and support provided for international students.

As well as a number of affirmations over work the University is already doing, the report recommended several areas for further action by the University.

"In some cases we are already well down the track of implementing appropriate change," Professor McWha said. "For instance, with the staff performance management and development reviews, we have recently introduced our new 'performance excellence framework' which AUQA recognised as having best practice potential.

"We will be ensuring we take positive action in each of the areas recommended for further action." These are: improving the use of data analysis as a management tool, more promotion of the value of social and cultural inclusivity of international students, clarification over the policy over dual degrees, optimising resources for higher degree research students, and improving IT services and support.

"I am a strong supporter of the quality audit process," said Professor McWha. "It gives us a valuable opportunity to confirm the priorities we are setting and the direction we are taking to enhance the education and experience we offer our students. It also helps assure the general public that they can have confidence in the quality of our education and our graduates."

Click here to access a pdf copy of the AUQA quality audit.


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