Dip your toes in the water...

Thursday, 5 February 1998

Interested in learning more about Ancient History, Literature, Philosophy or Languages?

Ever wanted to attend university classes, without being tied down to years of study?

Well, now you can ­ thanks to the University of Adelaide's 1998 Community Access Program.

With more than 180 different subjects to choose from, the Community Access Program allows members of the public to attend university lectures for just a small fee. You can learn more about that special subject you've always been fascinated by, without committing yourself to a full degree course ­ a bit like dipping your toe in the water, without getting your feet wet!

And the good news is, you don't need any formal qualifications to take part.

There's been strong, and growing, support for the Community Access Program in previous years. Last year more than 130 people enrolled in 175 subjects.

"By offering these subjects to the community, we are giving many people from a wide range of backgrounds and interests the chance to study and learn at university level," says the University's Dean of Arts, Professor Penny Boumelha.

"This is also a great way for people who may be considering university study in the future to make informed decisions about the options available to them," she says.

Those yearning for something interesting and stimulating to occupy their time once the Adelaide Festival is over need look no further. Community Access subjects cost just $60 per subject per semester. The first semester begins on 2 March.

Details of the subjects on offer (and how to enrol) are included in the 1998 Community Access Program, a publication available from the Faculty of Arts.

To obtain a copy of the 1998 Community Access Program, members of the public should call (08) 8303 5245.


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