New study to test contraceptive patches

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Researchers from the University of Adelaide's Robinson Institute and the Women's and Children's Hospital are conducting a study which may decide whether a new contraceptive patch is made available to Australian women.

The researchers will investigate the patches' contraceptive effectiveness and menstrual control. Contraceptive patches are widely available overseas but are not currently approved for use in Australia.

Helen Alvino, Clinical Research Coordinator at the University of Adelaide and the Royal Adelaide Hospital, says contraceptive patches potentially offer an improved method of taking hormonal contraception for some women and, importantly, another choice for Australian women. The study will investigate if skin patches provide less side effects than oral contraceptives.

"Transdermal therapies, which means the drugs are absorbed though the skin, avoid the digestive system and therefore it is possible the patch may decrease some side effects of the oral contraceptive pill," says Ms Alvino.

The study is inviting women aged between 18 and 35 years who are in need of contraception to participate. Through their involvement in six clinic visits over one year, participants will receive free medical care by an experienced health specialist and contraceptive patches which are applied weekly.

Participation in the study provides an opportunity to contribute to women's health and increase the reproductive choices available to them.

Ms Alvino says there are currently many contraceptive options on the market but some women find none are suitable. The patch may in the future provide Australian women with another option.

The study is being conducted in collaboration with the Women's and Children's Hospital and the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

For further information or to participate, please contact Helen Alvino of the Women's Health Centre at the Royal Adelaide Hospital on (08) 8222 5715 or or Jessica Broadbent at the Women's and Children's Hospital on 81617616 or


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