Graduates satisfied with university experience: report

Friday, 28 January 2005

Figures released by the Federal Government show the University of Adelaide has again scored highly in a rating of graduate satisfaction.

The report, "Student Outcome Indicators of Australian higher education institutions, 2002 and 2003" shows that 84% of graduates who responded to the survey were broadly satisfied with their overall experience at the University of Adelaide.

The study, conducted by the Graduate Careers Council of Australia (GCCA), surveyed graduates of 2002 and 2003. The majority of these graduates would have studied at the University of Adelaide from around 1998 to 2003.

The survey shows that the University of Adelaide has been rated highly in most categories.

"Adelaide scored exceptionally well in the categories of graduate employment, graduates going on to further full-time study, and postgraduate progress," says Vice-Chancellor Professor James McWha.

"In addition, 84% of the graduating students who responded to the survey were satisfied with their overall experience at the University of Adelaide. That's an encouraging figure - however, we do need to work towards pushing this up to 90%.

"The University of Adelaide attracts top students because of our reputation for quality, and we give our students a rigorous and demanding education. As a result, we produce outstanding graduates. We have some of the best employment rates for graduates in the state and the nation, and they receive high starting salaries. Some of these aspects of the university are reflected in the survey results."

However, Professor McWha says it should be emphasised that the figures obtained by the GCCA did not represent the majority of Adelaide graduates at that time.

"Unfortunately, only 31.5% of graduating students from 2003 took the time to fill out the survey, and only 32% in 2002. A response rate of at least 70% is desirable.

"I would encourage more graduates to fill out these surveys in future so that a clearer picture of student satisfaction can be provided. It would be welcome feedback from students who we know are going on to bigger and better things once they graduate."


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