Eureka Prize to Adelaide science journalist

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Full text of Dr. Morrison's paper, Trust me, I'm a Science Communicator

Wednesday, 14 August 2002

Science communicator and former University of Adelaide science journalist Dr Rob Morrison has been awarded the $10,000 Australian Skeptics Eureka Prize for Critical Thinking.

The prize was one of 18 Eurekas handed out by the Australian Museum in Sydney last night.

The Prize for Critical Thinking is awarded for investigation into beliefs that owe little or nothing to the rigours of scientific method.

Dr Morrison won for an article called Trust Me, I'm a Science Communicator, a study examining how the mechanics and requirements of successful science communication differ sharply from those of formal scientific research reports, and so bias science communication towards the sensational, speculative, hyperbolic and even fanciful.

Dr Morrison wrote the article while working as a Science Journalist at the University of Adelaide last year. An edited version of the winning article was printed in the Adelaidean last October.


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