Internet battle for hearts, minds and global power

Monday, 9 August 2010

The digital age is transforming the global politics of power and influence with the World Wide Web becoming a battleground for order over disorder.

This is the topic of this month's University of Adelaide Research Tuesdays free public lecture tomorrow with the University's Head of Politics Associate Professor Felix Patrikeeff.

Assoc. Prof. Patrikeeff says the relationship between knowledge and power is redefining politics in the 21st century.

"The Internet is at the heart of this transformation in the ways we access, use and retain knowledge, and it is increasingly at the core of the political world," says Assoc. Prof. Patrikeeff.

"For all those who would build up and shape order in the realm of international politics, there are also those who use precisely the same means to breed disorder.

"Terrorists build up their networks, systems of operation, recruitment processes and views of the world in the same way that those who are challenging them do.

"And thanks to its readily accessible nature, the Internet has become the largest battleground in history, facilitating an ongoing and finely balanced struggle for hearts and minds all over the world."

WHAT: Research Tuesday: 'Court in the Net.'
WHERE: Horace Lamb Lecture Theatre, North Terrace Campus, University of Adelaide
WHEN: 5.30pm Tuesday 10 August
COST: Free. Please book by email: or phone: (08) 8303 3692


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