Students to benefit from new scholarships fund

Monday, 11 November 2002

An important new scholarships fund for South Australia's best young students has been launched by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide, Professor James McWha.

The Vice-Chancellor's Scholarships Fund will help outstanding but disadvantaged students gain a start at the University of Adelaide each year. The fund will operate through generous donations from University alumni and other members of the public.

Professor McWha says the fund will help the University carry on its proud tradition of producing graduates who make significant contributions to the society they live in.

"If one of the measures of a university's success is by its graduates, then Adelaide has already been very successful: names like Bragg, Florey and Oliphant all had a major impact on the 20th century," he says.

"We want to carry on that success to the 21st century, and give today's students a similar opportunity to contribute in the same fashion as those who have gone before them."

The Scholarships Fund is specifically aimed at ensuring that students worthy of attending university can do so, despite any financial challenges they may have.

"New students face many financial pressures, from finding a place to live to buying books and materials," Professor McWha says. "It can be even more of a challenge if they are coming to Adelaide from the country or interstate.

"This scholarship scheme will help those students most in need, who without the extra assistance may not be able to attend university at all."

University alumni will receive a letter from Professor McWha this week, urging them to contribute to the Scholarships Fund. Donations are tax deductible, and will be placed in an endowment fund.

More information about the Vice-Chancellor's Scholarships can be obtained from the Alumni, Community Relations and Development office: (08) 8303 5800.


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