Climate change blog attracts one million hits

Photo of the Temelín Nuclear Power Station in the Czech Republic.

Photo of the Temelín Nuclear Power Station in the Czech Republic.
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Professor Barry Brook

Professor Barry Brook
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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A blog on climate change run by one of Australia's leading environmental experts, Professor Barry Brook from the University of Adelaide, has just achieved a major milestone - one million page hits.

The blog - called Brave New Climate - has been running since August 2008. Professor Brook uses the blog to update the public on the latest thinking on climate science and policy, to promote events such as public talks and seminars, and to seek feedback from the community.

As well as attracting one million page views, Brave New Climate has received more than 28,000 comments from people engaging in the climate change debate.

"Brave New Climate is a journey, a conversation, and an exploration of a potentially bright and prosperous future," says Professor Brook, who is Director of Climate Science with the Environment Institute at the University of Adelaide.

"I started the blog over two years ago to discuss the problem of climate change. It evolved to deal with issues of energy and what the future might bring. Eventually this led me to look seriously at nuclear power as one of the major solutions to addressing climate change," he says.

As well as tackling key issues such as the use of nuclear power and a proposed carbon tax, Brave New Climate also provides up-to-date information and analysis about the latest developments in science and policy - and it deals with climate change sceptics head on.

Professor Brook describes Brave New Climate as "a bright and lively conversation".

"It gives the community their say on climate change and energy, and it allows us to help push the agenda forward, to lead Australia and the world to a low-carbon future that will deliver prosperity and also long-term sustainability for the planet," he says.

The University's Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Mike Brooks, says Brave New Climate is an outstanding example of researchers engaging with the community.

"Barry Brook is a highly regarded scientist but he's also brilliant at conveying that science and the message behind it to a much wider audience. Being able to succeed on both levels enables Barry to show the relevance of science to our society, and he deserves to be applauded for it," Professor Brooks says.

"This is a reflection of the kind of commitment being made by researchers within the Environment Institute - one of our world-class research institutes - who are genuinely working towards a better future for us all."


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