First-degree graduates quick to land full-time jobs

Tuesday, 11 February 2003

University of Adelaide first-degree graduates are not only landing full-time jobs shortly after completing their studies, they are also leading the national average in certain professions.

Of the graduates who were available for full-time employment in 2002, 100 per cent of University of Adelaide graduates in Chemical Engineering (89.2 per cent national average), Civil Engineering (91.1 per cent) and Dentistry (97.5 per cent) are now working in full-time positions.

In other professions, the University of Adelaide leads the national average in Agriculture (92.3 per cent v 74.4 per cent), Accounting (97.4 per cent v 90.7 per cent), Electrical Engineering (84.6 per cent v 83.3 per cent), Electronic/Computer Engineering (85.7 per cent v 74.7 per cent), Mechanical Engineering (87.7 per cent v 81.5 per cent), Life Sciences (83.8 per cent v 69.6 per cent) and Geology (85.7 per cent v 75.3 per cent).

"This is extremely encouraging and positive news. It shows conclusively that graduates are being snapped up quickly," said Professor James McWha, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide.

"In addition, there is industry demand for certain professions which means our graduates are being appropriately guided before entering an area of study."

Meanwhile, a report released today by the Graduate Careers Council of Australia, states that of bachelor graduates in Australia who were available for full-time employment in 2002, 81.3 per cent were in full-time jobs within four months of completing their degrees.

The information was obtained following a survey of new graduates shortly after the completion of their studies.

The report adds that the median starting salary for new bachelor degree graduates less than 25 and in their first full-time job was $35,500. This compares favourably with the annual salary of $42,900 for the average Australian worker.


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