Uni supports Mundulla Yellows research

Monday, 24 February 2003

The University of Adelaide today said it fully supported the State Government's position on Mundulla Yellows and in acknowledging the seriousness of the disease.

"We are encouraged that the government has recognised the importance of this problem, accept the research directions they wish to take and have complete faith in the decision-making process," Professor Edwina Cornish, the University's Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) said.

The State Government takes the threat Mundulla Yellows poses to our native vegetation seriously, the Hon. John Hill, the Minister for Environment and Conservation, said in a statement.

"Mundulla Yellows potentially poses a threat to a wide range of eucalypts and other species of native flora. It could impact on our biodiversity as well as industries such as farming, forestry, tourism, and the apiary and cut flower industries. Once symptoms of the disease appear, there is reportedly no recovery," the statement added.

In March 2001, the previous state government in partnership with the Commonwealth's Environment Australia allocated $142,000 for first- year research into the cause and prevention of the dieback syndrome.

In July last year, the Department for Environment and Heritage advertised nationally for tenders for the next stage of research. The Institute for Horticultural Development in Victoria has subsequently been awarded a 12-month contract for $150,262 and work is expected to commence next month.

"We support this decision and the University is keen to contribute any expertise when appropriate," Professor Cornish said.


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