Graduate destination surveys go on line

Monday, 17 March 2003

The University of Adelaide, along with Macquarie and Deakin University, are leading the way in gathering information from their graduates by enabling them to complete their Graduate Destination Surveys on line.

"When the 2002 graduates receive their surveys, they have the choice of completing it on line or manually. We are confident the majority will opt for the former," says Dr Don McMaster, Planning Officer in the university's Office of Planning and Development. "This is the first time students will have this option."

Dr McMaster said the university values the material it receives from the surveys.

"The survey, which all Australian Universities send to their recent graduates, provides information, which is of great benefit to the University as it provides valuable feedback on what our graduates are doing this year and how they found their course of study. The information also helps plan courses for future students," he says.

Dr McMaster says the survey identified the career paths chosen by the students, their salary range, whether they were employed on a full or part-time basis and other relevant information.

"Response rates for the survey have been declining nationally and this initiative by the Graduate Careers Council of Australia who conduct the survey, is seen by the University of Adelaide as a way of increasing response rates as well as providing an up-to-date service for its students," Dr McMaster said.


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