$15.3 million research win for University of Adelaide

$15.3 million funding for research to benefit the environment, health, culture, technology and the economy

$15.3 million funding for research to benefit the environment, health, culture, technology and the economy
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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

University of Adelaide researchers have been awarded more than $15.3 million in Federal funding for new research to benefit the environment, our health, culture, technology and the economy.

A total of 48 new research projects have been announced for the University of Adelaide as part of the Australian Research Council's (ARC) major grants announcement for projects starting in 2012.

"This is an excellent result for the University of Adelaide and for the State, and great news during the University's inaugural Research Week," says the University's Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Mike Brooks.

"ARC grants are awarded to researchers who are considered to be among the very best in their fields, whose work and collaborative relationships will provide new knowledge and new opportunities for our nation.

"This research is helping us find answers in areas of great importance to the nation and the world - advancing solar energy, protecting us from disease, assessing the seismic safety of structures and many more.

"This result, following soon after our record $44.8 million funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council, reinforces our position among the nation's research leaders."

A total of 37 new Discovery Projects have been awarded to the University of Adelaide. They include:

  • $900,000 to Professor Gus Nathan (Centre for Energy Technology) - Heat transfer in novel solar thermal reactors to process minerals and solar fuels
  • $860,000 to Dr Adrienne Paton (School of Molecular and Biomedical Science) - Novel perspectives on the function of AB5 toxin B subunits in pathogenic bacterials
  • $474,000 to Professor Bruce Dawson (School of Chemistry and Physics) - Exploring the high energy sky with the Pierre Auger Observatory
  • $320,000 to Professor Michael Griffith (School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering) - Improved analysis techniques for seismic assessment of unreinforced masonry buildings with flexible floor/roof diaphragms
  • $162,449 to Dr Emma Baker (School of Social Sciences) - Pathways to health and wellbeing through housing: a new causal understanding of relationships, processes and interventions
  • $150,000 to Dr Ralph Bayer (School of Economics) - Effective and efficient corporate tax enforcement

Among the Discovery Projects were three out of the nation's 26 Discovery Outstanding Researchers Awards: to Professor Gus Nathan, Dr Adrienne Paton and Associate Professor Samer Akkach.

Nine Linkage Projects have been awarded to the University of Adelaide. These projects include external partners, such as government and industry.

Among the new Linkage Projects are:

  • $405,000 to Professor Tanya Monro (Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing) - Smart Bungs for wine monitoring
  • $90,000 to Associate Professor Rachel Ankeny (School of History and Politics) - Hostel stories: toward a richer narrative of the lived experiences of migrants

The University of Adelaide has also been funded for two Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities projects.

For more information about research at the University of Adelaide, go to: www.adelaide.edu.au/research


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