Law School reaps success from work program

Wednesday, 16 April 2003

Ms Leanne Chandler, the School of Commerce's recently appointed receptionist, firmly believes that life does begin at 40.

Following an 18-year break from the workforce, Ms Chandler began her new career at the University of Adelaide two days after hitting the Big 4. And the mother of two sons and a daughter has the university's Law School to thank for her change in life.

Two years ago the law school launched a work experience program where Year 10-12 scholars and adult students were invited to apply for weekly placements. Ms Chandler was among the lucky ones to be offered an opportunity.

"She worked for us for a week and stood out with her incredible efficiency, great personality and solid interaction with the students and staff," says Ms Allayne Webster, personal assistant to the Dean of the Law School.

"As it turned out, we needed a casual staff member for a six-month period and Ms Chandler proved to be the best candidate."

For Ms Chandler, this is where it got exciting. While working at the law school, her current post was advertised; she applied and found herself with a full-time position.

"I am still on cloud nine. I never expected it would happen so quickly," she said. "Allayne has been extremely supportive and I am grateful to the University, to the Law School for its work experience program and to the School of Commerce, for appointing me to my current position."

The work experience program attracts students from across the State and in Ms Chandler's case, adult learners from Marden College where she was completing a business certificate.

"The University will benefit from this program in the long-term," says Ms Webster, the brains behind the venture. "The Year 10-12 students gain a valuable insight into the university and we will be front of mind when they consider their tertiary education provider."

Ms Webster says there is an additional advantage in that work experience students provide the law school with an additional pair of hands in return for their experience.


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