Genetically speaking with prize-winning scientist

Wednesday, 22 July 1998

International efforts to identify all human genes by early next century will result in a jump in human life expectancy to about 100-120 years, according to prize-winning Adelaide scientist Professor Grant Sutherland.

Professor Sutherland ­ co-winner of the 1998 Australia Prize and recipient of an AC in this year's Australia Day Honours list ­ will explain the WHAT, WHEN, HOW and WHY of genes at a free public lecture this Wednesday at the University of Adelaide.

A former president of the Human Genome Organisation, Professor Sutherland will talk about the incredible benefits to be gained from this world wide genetics project.

He says recognising the susceptibility genes for about 100 common diseases will give rise to "predictive medicine" ­ the ability, through genetic testing, to predict which diseases an individual is likely to suffer from many years in advance.

"Eventually appropriate strategies will be developed to delay the onset of disease and provide gene-based treatments," he says.

"We can anticipate human life expectancy to continue to increase closer to its maximum of 100-120 years by late in the next century."

Professor Sutherland will also outline his work on intellectual handicap for which he was recognised with the Australia Prize award.

Director of the Department of Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics at the Women's & Children's Hospital, Grant Sutherland is also Affiliate Professor in the University of Adelaide's Department of Paediatrics. His lecture is free to the public ­ all are welcome.

  • WHERE? Elder Hall, University of Adelaide (North Terrace Campus)
  • WHEN? 6.30pm, Wednesday, July 22


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