Mind and Body explored in new public lecture series

Wednesday, 5 August 1998

MIND AND BODY will form the basis of a new public lecture series hosted by the University of Adelaide's Philosophy Department.

Philosophy's previous lecture series have proven hugely popular with the people of Adelaide. This time the guest lecturer is one of the world's most significant modern-day philosophers, Professor Hilary Putnam of Harvard University.

The series of six lectures will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during August, with the first of these commencing at 7.30pm, August 11, in Napier Lecture Theatre 102. Admission is free.

Adelaide Uni's head of Philosophy, Dr Chris Mortensen, says the "Mind and Body" lecture series was made possible by the Gavin David Young Memorial bequest.

"The list of former Gavin David Young lecturers reads like a Who's Who of postwar philosophy: Ryle, Quine, Flew, Feigl, Davidson, Lewis, Hempel, Dennett and Smart," Dr Mortensen says.

"This year's lecturer, Hilary Putnam, is one of the most significant philosophers of the second half of the Twentieth Century.

"He has made important contributions in the philosophy of mind, philosophy of science and metaphysics. His topic, Mind and Body, is of widespread interest to people in many disciplines, and has much contemporary relevance in this age of the rise of computers and artificial intelligence.

"This is an opportunity to hear a major philosopher setting out his views on a popular topic on which he is an acknowledged world authority."

  • WHERE? Napier Lecture Theatre 102
  • University of Adelaide (North Terrace Campus)
  • WHEN? 7.30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays, August 11-27


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