Updated powers for the University of Adelaide

Thursday, 5 June 2003

Updated powers for the University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide's powers and system of governance are to be re-defined under proposed amendments to the University of Adelaide Act 1971.

The changes, sought by the University, have been finalised after a period of community consultation and have been introduced to Parliament by the Minister for Employment, Training and Further Education, Jane Lomax-Smith. The Bill is scheduled for debate in the House of Assembly this afternoon.

"A new era of university education and research deserves a new era of management," said the Minister.

"The University of Adelaide Council is to be given greater operational freedom, but not without being made more accountable. We recognise South Australia's universities will increasingly engage in corporate business activities, so it is important to make sure due diligence processes are in place. We're doing that.

"The University's decision making process will be streamlined, with the Senate to be abolished and Council membership brought into line with the State's other universities.

"Our formula strikes a reasonable balance between internal and external appointments to the Council, providing opportunities for collegiate staff and students together with business and community leaders to be involved in the University's key decision making," said the Minister.

The Convenor of the Academic Board and the President of the Students' Association will be made ex officio members of Council. The elected Senate members will be replaced with two elected graduate members and the presiding officer of the graduate association (currently the Alumni Association) ex officio.

The Bill changes the Chancellor's term of appointment to two years, rather than four years and also clarifies the role of the Vice- Chancellor.

Upgraded powers will allow the University to sell property it owns freehold, without requiring the Governor's permission. Disposal of property held in trust or by gift will still be subject to the Governor's approval.

The University will also be given the power to confer honorary awards for highly acclaimed individuals.


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