Wine Centre agreement formally signed

Friday, 11 July 2003

The Treasurer, Kevin Foley and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide, Professor James McWha, have officially signed the agreement handing control of the National Wine Centre to the University.

The handover, which is planned for September 1 this year, requires the passing of amendments to the National Wine Centre (Restructuring and Leasing Arrangements) Act 2002 which outlines the uses to which the Wine Centre can be put. The amendments will allow the University to teach its wine related and other tertiary education courses at the centre.

Mr Foley says the original handover date of July 1 was delayed to allow further negotiation of the final terms of the transaction and to get the necessary legislation into the busy Parliamentary schedule.

"This deal provides an exciting, long-term, meaningful future for the National Wine Centre," Mr Foley says.

"It will become a centre of excellence for wine education and research in the capital of the nation's premier wine state. And it will remain a facility the public at large can enjoy through the Wine Exhibition and catering for functions.

Professor McWha says this is an exciting time for the University of Adelaide and this acquisition opens up many opportunities.

"We already have a number of wine courses earmarked for the wine centre in September involving more than 200 students," he says.

He says the exhibition will remain open to the public and the university is exploring avenues to enhance its presence.

The State Government has leased the National Wine Centre to the university for 40 years in return for $1 million. While the university will be responsible for the day to day operation of the centre and its associated costs from September 1, the ownership of the centre will remain in public hands.


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