Florey Lecture highlights need to care for our bones

Model of a human skeleton.

Model of a human skeleton.
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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A topic that strikes right to the very core of our being - bones and the importance of having a healthy skeleton - will feature in this year's free public annual Florey Lecture at the University of Adelaide.

The lecture, being held at 5.30pm on Monday 10 September, will be given by Professor Larry Suva, an orthopaedics expert from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS).

"From childhood, through adult life and ageing, your skeleton is constantly adapting to its environment. The maintenance of a healthy skeleton is critical for our overall health, and important for the maintenance of our lifestyle," says Professor Suva, who is Director of the Center for Orthopaedic Research at UAMS College of Medicine.

"This lecture will help the audience to better understand the central role of their skeletons in many, if not all, aspects of life. It will also highlight some of the latest research into bone health, and the relationship between bones and common diseases, such as cancer."

The annual Florey Lecture is named in honour of Lord Howard Florey, a University of Adelaide Medical School graduate who received a Nobel Prize in 1945 for his research and development of penicillin. This free public lecture is presented by the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Florey Medical Research Foundation at the University of Adelaide.

WHAT: Annual Florey Lecture 2012: It's All About The Bone: Why We Should Care!
by Professor Larry Suva (UAMS College of Medicine, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences)

WHERE: Florey Lecture Theatre, Medical School North, University of Adelaide (off Frome Road)

WHEN: 5.30pm Monday 10 September 2012

COST: FREE - all welcome



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