Lynn Arnold to receive doctorate

Tuesday, 5 August 2003

The University of Adelaide will tonight confer a PhD degree upon the Hon Lynn Arnold, who served as South Australian Premier and Minister for Economic Development and Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs during 1992-1993, at a Celebratory Seminar organised by the Centre for Intercultural Studies and Multicultural Education.

And as a tribute to the incredible work undertaken by Dr Arnold in the area of multiculturalism and education, South Australian Premier, the Hon Mike Rann will deliver a congratulatory speech at the seminar.

"As Minister of Education, Dr Arnold commissioned a task force to investigate multiculturalism and education that produced a report titled Education for a Cultural Democracy.

"One of the recommendations was for the establishment of a multicultural centre at the University of Adelaide, resulting in the Centre for Intercultural Studies and Multicultural Education (CISME)," said Professor Jerzy Smolicz, CISME director and chair of the government's task force.

Dr Arnold completed a Diploma in Senior Company Administration at ESADE in Barcelona, Spain in 1994. For the past few years, he has been conducting research at the University's Graduate School of Education for his PhD in sociolinguistics and languages policies of Spain, especially Bable in the Asturias.

His thesis, Perceptions of Language and Identity in Asturias and their Implications for Language Policy and Development has been a milestone in the research on languages and has evoked recognition and praise from Australian and international scholars.

Next month, Dr Arnold assumes the role of Deputy Director of World Vision International for the Asia Pacific Region.

The seminar is from 6:00pm - 7:30pm in the Council Room.


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