A closer look at a blooming science

Wednesday, 17 February 1999


A three-day workshop on Australian algae begins on Wednesday, 17 February at the University of Adelaide.

More than 60 delegates are expected to attend the inaugural Australian Algal Workshop, over half of which are representatives of the water industry from across Australia.

Algae are an excellent indicator of water quality and health. The workshop will look at algae as environmental indicators, as well as discussing the infamous toxic blue-green algae, which has recently created a lot of interest in the news.

The workshop commences with a broad examination of algal groups given by Professor Peter Tyler of Deakin University.

Days two and three focus on toxic blue-green algae, presented by Peter Baker of the Australian Water Quality Centre at Bolivar and Larelle Fabbro, and their more benign cousins, the diatoms, presented by Dr Peter Gell from the University of Adelaide's Department of Geographical & Environmental Studies.

"There's a broad interest amongst the specialists to extend the use of algae into industry," says Dr Gell, who is also the workshop host.

"We've had a great response to the workshop from industry. For a long time they've focused on aquatic invertebrates to monitor our waterways. Hopefully this reflects a shift towards including algae as indicators of water quality and stream health. After all, they are one of the main building blocks of aquatic ecosystems.

"While most industry biologists can identify different algal groups, there's a wealth of information which becomes available once you are trained to identify them to species," he says.

The three-day workshop will be held in the Polygon Lecture Theatre at the University of Adelaide's North Terrace Campus


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