Uni offers unique course in international trade

Thursday, 20 November 2003

The University of Adelaide will next year launch a Professional Certificate in International Trade (PCIT) that will provide students with a practical understanding of current international trade and investment issues, the political dynamics of the negotiating environment and the opportunities and challenges presented to businesses by the globalised economy.

The University's Institute for International Business, Economics and Law (IIBE&L) is offering the program to be delivered by Mr Andrew Stoler, a former WTO Deputy-Director and staffed by Australian and overseas experts in global commercial matters.

"The program is designed to give graduates a competitive edge by providing them with an interactive case-study based background in how business and government interact in trade negotiations," says Mr Stoler who is now Executive Director of the IIBE&L. "Students will also learn about leveraging commercial opportunities arising out of 'third wave' trade agreements, and practical legal and commercial aspects of export marketing."

Mr Stoler says the program leading to the PCIT would supplement the academic profile of those pursuing graduate studies leading to a Masters of Applied Economics, Commerce or Law.

"The extra competitive edge held by graduates with both a Masters and specialised PCIT can be expected to enhance the employment prospects of graduates working in a global market," says Mr Stoler.

The program is structured flexibly, with students taking two semester- long courses followed by a supplementary assessment project. Each of the component courses is organised in three intensive two-day modules offered over a semester. Classes are scheduled so as not to interfere unduly with other graduate study students may be undertaking.

The program begins in March and the University will be holding an information session on Monday 8 December at 5:15pm.


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