University of Adelaide professor wins Scopus award

Friday, 13 September 2013

The University of Adelaide's Professor Barry Brook has won the Life Sciences category of the 2013 Scopus Young Researcher Awards announced today.

Professor Brook, Director of Climate Science at the University's Environment Institute is an ARC Future Fellow and Sir Hubert Wilkins Chair of Climate Change. He has won one of five categories of the awards and is the only South Australian among the winners.

The prestigious Scopus awards recognise researchers under the age of 40 for their research output, impact and contribution to their field.

Professor Brook is already an internationally renowned scientist. His research tackles the processes and consequences of global change, focusing on human impact on the environment.

His recent focus has been on climate warming and ways to mitigate biodiversity loss. His fundamental science insights are being used through policy and practical interventions in Australia and worldwide.

Professor Brook has authored 240 peer-reviewed publications since his first paper in 1997 and his 7,400 cites place him in the top 0.1% cited scientists in environmental and ecology research over the last decade.

He has attracted more than $18M in Federal, State and industry funding and is an award-winning communicator of science to the general public.

"Impact matters, and citations of publications are a vital metric for measuring effectiveness of a scientist. It's great to be recognised by the Scopus Young Researchers Award 2013 as being someone whose work is being used and built upon by the world's research community," says Professor Brook.

"For me to be awarded the Life Sciences prize communicates clearly to potential future research stars -- from aspiring high-school kids to postgraduate science students -- that ecology and conservation biology is an exciting and high-impact discipline where you can make a real difference. It's a great area in which to work.

"I always try to ensure that my research findings have the highest likelihood of reaching a wide audience. My view is that whether your goal as a scientist is to inform and fascinate the general public, or to change on-ground management practices and influence policy, quality publications and good communication are key."


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