Uni researcher in Magnificent 17

Wednesday, 24 March 2004

Thomson ISI, an American information provider, has identified Professor Grant Sutherland, of the University of Adelaide's Department of Paediatrics at the Women's and Children's Hospital, as a leader in Australian research.

Professor Sutherland has been listed in a group titled "The Magnificent Seventeen, Giants of Australian research", who today received Citation Laureate awards for producing exceptional research papers. The 17 were selected for the number of times their research papers have been quoted (or cited) by other researchers.

The researchers work in fields ranging across the sciences to the social sciences and humanities and include space scientists, pharmacologists, philosophers and economists.

Professor Sutherland has spent the last 30 years working in the area of Human Genetics. His most significant discoveries have related to fragile sites on human chromosomes and the Fragile X syndrome. In 1977 he published the conditions needed to see fragile sites and in 1991 his research group isolated the DNA responsible for them and in so doing discovered a new mechanism of gene mutation.

He has also made contributions to human gene mapping, the Human Genome Project and the molecular genetics of epilepsy and intellectual disability.

"I am extremely proud of Professor Sutherland and this recognition is testament to the outstanding research work produced by the University of Adelaide," Vice-Chancellor Professor James McWha said. "This achievement becomes even more significant when you consider the vast number of researchers in Australia," he added.

Professor Sutherland said this is a great honour that needs to be shared with the many other researchers and students that have passed through the Department and contributed to our research success.

"I am naturally delighted to be recognised in this fashion and that my contribution to research has been identified. Of course, I have had many outstanding colleagues over the years who have contributed massively to my success at the Women's and Children's Hospital," Professor Sutherland said.


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