HECS loadings: Uni reviews its options

Wednesday, 31 March 2004

The University of Adelaide, like other Universities around Australia, is currently investigating the implications of the Nelson reforms in respect of HECS loadings.

"We are looking at the options, and assessing their impact on the University and on the future students who might be affected by them.

"In addition, we are consulting with our students through the Students' Association of the University of Adelaide (SAUA) and they have been invited to provide their comments on a range of issues," Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor Penny Boumelha said today.

"No decision as to how the University will respond in the matter of HECS loadings has yet been made.

"Once a decision has been reached, the Vice-Chancellor will communicate it to interested parties and to the media as quickly as possible," Professor Boumelha said.

She added that prospective students for 2005 would be given all the information they need on this issue well before they have to make their applications.


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