Looking East with Radio Adelaide

Monday, 5 September 2005

To the East of Australia is the Pacific and all its diverse island communities. Yet say 'The East' to most people and they think of Asia, even though Asia is to our North and West and is more another culture's East.

To help restore your sense of geography and learn some new things about our near neighbours, Radio Adelaide 101.5FM is Looking East all this week and exploring Australian connections with the Pacific.

Musically, listen out for some of the diverse sounds from the melting pot of the Pacific, from traditional Tahitian drumming to the newest New Zealand dub and electronica.

The Feature CD is Tales from the Neighbourhood by Declan Kelly. This debut album reflects his deep love and respect for indigenous music inspired by his Maori heritage. Fused with reggae, funk and soul vibes, it also reflects the sounds and spirit of his multicultural neighbourhood in Sydney's Bondi. Meet Declan on The Range, Monday (today) at 4pm.

Other highlights include: The Classical Connection on Tuesday at 9am, when Robyn Lidgett features Peggy Glanville Hicks' Sonfonia Pacifica and Jazz at Six on Friday with Peter Kuller, highlighting New Zealand born artists Mike Nock and Tim Hopkins.

Talking the talk, listen out to Breakfast with Lisa Leong for the history of New Caledonia with John West-Sooby on Monday. On Tuesday, Devendra Prasad, President of the Adelaide Indo-Fijian Association, who will discuss the experience of Indians who moved to Fiji, mainly as indentured labourers in the late 1800s and about the difficulties they have faced in integrating. On Thursday, we turn to look with fresh eyes at New Zealand, kicking off with a chat to Selwyn Manning of scoop.co.nz - their equivalent to crikey.com.

"Radio Adelaide is interested in exploring the diversity of our communities and bringing new sounds and ideas to our listeners," says station manager Deborah Welch. "Looking East is a way of looking anew at where we live and the world around us and getting to know the Pacific as more than palm trees and holiday destinations."

Looking East - exploring Australian connections with the Pacific is on Radio Adelaide 101.5FM all this week from September 5 to 10, or listen in online.

Radio Adelaide is part of the University of Adelaide.


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