140 influential books for 140 years of Uni history

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The University of Adelaide is celebrating its 140th anniversary with a free public exhibition of 140 books that have left their mark on the community and the world. The exhibition contains one book published from each year of the University's history.

Established in 1874, the University of Adelaide has 140 years of history in the pursuit of knowledge and education of students. Over that time the University's libraries have built substantial collections to support teaching and research, providing access today to more than 2.3 million print and over 262,000 electronic items.

This exhibition, '140 books: 1874-2014', takes a closer look at some of the books held in the Barr Smith Library that have informed and inspired society since 1874.

"Books have a big impact on people's lives," says Special Collections Librarian Cheryl Hoskin. "They educate, enlighten and entertain us, and can influence the future. They are the record of changing culture, politics, science and thought, and they provide witness to historic turmoil and human progress."

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see original editions of:
- Marcus Clark's For the Term of His Natural Life first published as a novel in 1874; lauded as the book which best defines Australia's convict past
- The first book edition of the Oxford English Dictionary from 1888
- The Anzac Book, 1916, written and illustrated in Gallipolli by the men of ANZAC
- James Joyce's modernist novel Ulysses published by Shakespeare & Co. in Paris in 1922 after being banned in the United Kingdom
- Don Dunstan's Cookbook of 1976 which opened us to the delights of food beyond 'meat and three veg'
- Madonna's coffee table book Sex, published in 1992, set out to shock and succeeded, becoming one of the most sought-after out-of-print books of all time
- Geoffrey Dutton's 1998 epic poem New York Nowhere written during his rehabilitation from stroke, with etchings by John Olsen and photographs by Robert C. Littlewood. Purchased by the Barr Smith Library as its two millionth volume.

"The books I've included are, of course, a subjective choice," says Cheryl Hoskin. "There will be some fun books as well, not everything is serious. And copies of many of the books are available for everyday borrowing from the Barr Smith Library's main collection."

Members of the community are welcome to use the Library and can apply to be a borrower (fees and conditions apply).

'140 books: 1874-2014' is open from 11 August to 28 September during Barr Smith Library opening hours, in the Rare Books and Special Collections, Level 1, Barr Smith Library, North Terrace campus.


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