Flexible entry for engineering studies

Thursday, 14 August 2014

University of Adelaide is introducing flexible entry to its engineering programs - allowing first year students to take a year to decide what sort of engineering they want to study.

From next year, students starting engineering programs at the University of Adelaide will be able to choose between selecting a specific engineering degree - as they do now - or study a generic engineering first year, moving into a specific degree in the second year.

"Engineering is a great study choice for students who like problem solving and the idea of being able to use creative skills to come up with solutions for everyday problems," says the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences Professor John Beynon.

"Students may know they want to study engineering but within that field there are many disciplines, and many students don't know which degree will suit them best when they commence university.

"We see many students starting one degree and then transferring into another after first year.

"This new option will allow students to take their time and get a good introduction to the broad range of engineering disciplines during first year and explore different streams of interest before making that choice."

The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) - Flexible Entry will be the starting point of a four-year degree where students undertake common foundation courses and choose two electives in an area of interest, before moving into an engineering degree of choice at the completion of the first academic year. On successful completion of the first year they are guaranteed a place in the remainder of their chosen degree.

Unique to this degree program is an exclusive course - Introduction to Engineering - which introduces students to the range of engineering disciplines, as well as the social context and cultural issues associated with the practice of engineering.

At the University of Adelaide there are 24 undergraduate engineering degrees in the broad areas of architectural, chemical, civil, environmental and mining, electrical and electronic, mechanical and petroleum engineering plus a range of combined and double degrees.

"This wealth of choice can be overwhelming for some students," says Professor Beynon. "We want to help students make the right choice based on actual experience of university study and a greater understanding of the various disciplines."

Further information on the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) - Flexible Entry can be found at: www.ecms.adelaide.edu.au/future-students/flexible-entry.


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