Showcasing technology ingenuity of the future

Thursday, 23 October 2014

University of Adelaide students studying engineering and other technology-related degrees will reveal their ingenuity and talent in a free public exhibition of more than 240 final-year projects, at the Adelaide Convention Centre next week.

'Ingenuity 2014' brings together for the first time the knowledge and skills of students from across the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences.

Visitors will have the chance to talk with students about their innovative solutions to contemporary issues and challenges of the future.

"Ingenuity 2014 gives Adelaide the opportunity to see the future of engineering and technology in one large exhibition," says Professor John Beynon, Executive Dean of the Faculty.

"In their final year, our students work on projects as diverse as environmental monitoring, brain-driven robotics, humanitarian aid or exciting instruments to help athletes develop their skills.

"Engineering and technology will underpin the advancement and future prosperity of our world. Ingenuity 2014 gives school students, industry and the general community an opportunity to engage with our students and see the results of their creative abilities and skills.

"Students thinking about university study next year can also see what they could be doing to help Australia's future if they choose to study engineering, computer or mathematical sciences at the University of Adelaide."

Some of the highlights of Ingenuity 2014 are:

  • A low-frequency, low-power consumption sensor network for environmental monitoring across large distances
  • Simple, low-emission cooking stoves suitable for use in developing countries where burning fuels for cooking has a huge health cost from indoor air pollution
  • An automated Australian Rules Football kicking machine that replicates human kicking biomechanics for strategic training drills, and ball and boot analysis
  • A study of aerodynamic levitation used in combustion testing and demonstrated as a graphic equaliser with table tennis balls 'dancing' in sync with different frequencies from a piece of music
  • A brain computer interface to help drive an arm-rest up and down by thought processes.

Ingenuity 2014 will be held from 10am-4pm, Thursday 30 October in the Adelaide Convention Centre and is free and open to the general public.

It builds on the 20-year-old MechExpo - an exhibition of final-year mechanical engineering projects. MechExpo is holding its own free public preview on Wednesday 29 October at 6-9pm in the Adelaide Convention Centre and then also continues on Thursday 30 October.


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