University of Adelaide helps Telstra plan for growing technologies

Thursday, 20 May 2004

Telstra has awarded a $950,000 contract to the University of Adelaide's TRC Mathematical Modelling unit to develop analysis tools and techniques applicable to network infrastructure that will cater for next generation telephony, broadband data and mobile services.

Dr Hugh Bradlow, Managing Director of Telstra Research Laboratories and Telstra's Chief Technology Officer said: "Telstra's research activities are aimed at ensuring that our telecommunications infrastructure is ready for the next generation of services that will be offered by broadband internet and mobility. The performance must be of the highest quality, robust, and scalable into the future.

"Telstra carries out significant research and development in our research laboratories, but also commissions specialist research such as the mathematical modelling in TRC.

"We are delighted to maintain our relationship with the University's TRC over the next three years to build on our understanding of the key traffic issues applicable to next generation networking technology," he said.

The contract is the continuation of an 18-year partnership and secures TRC's services to provide technical expertise as it relates to traffic analysis and engineering.

A major focus of the research will be ensuring the availability of the required tools and techniques to efficiently plan and monitor the network infrastructure that will allow it to respond to the predicted growth in traffic levels.

The University of Adelaide's Vice-Chancellor, Professor James McWha said: "Telstra's long-term commitment to this project is vital, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Telstra in these important areas and delivering value in key technologies.

The TRC Mathematical Modelling is a centre within the University of Adelaide devoted to solving industrial problems involving modelling, measurement and performance. Its historical focus has been in the area of telecommunications, with recent expansion into solving resource optimisation problems in manufacturing.

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