University sets up new water research centre

Thursday, 24 June 1999

Researchers at the University of Adelaide are teaming up with the South Australian water industry to devise better water management systems for "the driest State in the driest continent."

The University has set up a new collaborative research centre aimed at solving practical problems of water management. Research areas will include pipe network systems, wetlands and stormwater treatment systems, coastal engineering and groundwater hydrology.

The new Centre for Applied Modelling in Water Engineering (CAMWE) is using computer and laboratory modelling techniques to develop and test solutions.

"Much of the fundamental research we are carrying out is applicable anywhere in the world," said the Centre's Director, Associate Professor Graeme Dandy. "However, a number of the studies that we have undertaken already have focused on particular South Australian projects, such as the possible impacts of marinas and other coastal works.

"The University is internationally renowned for its work in designing more efficient water supply systems, and the new Centre will build on and enhance this reputation."

Associate Professor Dandy said industry involvement would play a key role in the Centre.

"CAMWE is in the process of developing closer ties with United Water," he said. "As the company responsible for Adelaide's water and sewerage services, United Water is committed to developing the water industry in the State. Part of that role is to support research. Research links are being developed also with North West Water (the company contracted to build water treatment plants along the River Murray)."

Membership of CAMWE consists of eight academic staff from the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, plus 25 postgraduate students. The Centre also has close research links with universities in the USA, UK, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Slovenia, Ireland and South Africa.


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