Striking images portray views of justice

Thursday, 5 March 2015

A series of striking images portraying the artists’ views of justice are the winners of the University of Adelaide’s 2015 Images of Justice photographic competition.

University of Adelaide Law and International Studies student Thea Depold, 20-year-old self-proclaimed South Australian adventurer Ashley Rowe, and professional photographer and filmmaker Jessie Boylan were winners of the student, community and professional competition categories respectively.

Thea Depold’s winning image Justice is not blind, captures a cross-section of society to show that true justice is universal and unprejudiced.

In his image Solidarity, Ashley Rowe shows a silenced classmate of Woodville High School students taken to a detention centre in June 2014.

Jessie Boylan’s Avon Hudson, Maralinga Whistleblower, Balaklava, South Australia, 2014 portrays former RAAF serviceman Avon Hudson who spoke out about buried radioactive plutonium at Maralinga.

The People’s Choice award went to Rolf Krackowizer in the community category for his image of a man taking a chisel to the Berlin Wall, Chipping away for justice.

The competition exhibition, run by the University’s Adelaide Law School, University Collections and law firm Lipman Karas, is part of the Adelaide Fringe and will be open for viewing at Nexus 10, 10 Pulteney Street, until 11 March, Monday to Friday, during normal working hours.

Professor John Williams, Dean of Law at the University, says capturing the essence of justice through an image is a tough brief.

“This year’s Images of Justice saw another high quality selection of very different images from a wide spectrum of people,” Professor Williams says. “Photography is a wonderfully democratic medium in which everyone can be involved.

“We are proud to present this competition to challenge the community to think about law and justice in different ways. It creates a lot of interest and increases the community’s awareness of law and legal education.”

Runners-up in the competition were:
-Student category─ second prize Eliza Harvey (Liberation is Justice) and third prize Erica Reid (Stand for Education)
-Community category─second prize Sharmila Budwal (Gender equality=Justice) and third prize Leah Nedahl (March for your Rights).

-Professional category─second prize Alex Frayne (It’s a man’s world?) and third prize Grant Nowell (Mick, my face).


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