Adelaide hosts $81.5m Pork Cooperative Research Centre

Professor Neville Marsh, Dr Roger Campbell and Minister Peter McGauran at the Roseworthy piggery.

Professor Neville Marsh, Dr Roger Campbell and Minister Peter McGauran at the Roseworthy piggery.
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Thursday, 20 October 2005

The Pork Cooperative Research Centre was opened on Tuesday, 18 October at the University of Adelaide's Roseworthy campus by the Federal Minister for Agriculture, Peter McGauran.

The University of Adelaide's Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Professor Neville Marsh, says that the Pork CRC would be a major resource for the Australian pork industry.

"The Pork CRC will bring together researchers working on pork production, benefiting industry through research in the use of feed grain, gains from genetic improvements and nutritional developments flowing from improved feed conversion," Professor Marsh says.

"Almost all of Australia's pig research and development institutions are involved and the benefits of sharing resources and research findings will pay huge dividends for the pork industry, making Australia more competitive in the global market."

The Pork CRC will receive $81.5 million over seven years, made up of cash, labour, in-kind and research and development contributions worth $55 million, as well as $26 million contributed by the Federal Government.

The Pork CRC's newly-appointed CEO, Dr Roger Campbell, says the gaps in the efficiency and competitiveness of the Australian industry need to be more clearly identified, allowing the Pork CRC to develop innovative research and development programs to overcome these issues.

"I am excited to be part of what will be a revitalisation of the Australian pork industry and see potential for marked improvements in efficiencies and cost reductions," Dr Campbell says.

"We are seriously disadvantaged in Australia by the cost and supply of grain, so we will be researching ways of reducing grain usage, developing grains better suited to pigs, enhancing the availability of nutrients from grains and developing animals and systems that do not require high levels of feed.

"The programs we are developing in reproduction, animal health and new consumer pork products are also truly innovative and will certainly help in making Australia more competitive in the global market place and having Australia recognised as a world leader in pig research and development."


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