University and union move ahead after VSU laws passed

Monday, 12 December 2005

The University of Adelaide and the Adelaide University Union (AUU) will meet tomorrow to discuss concrete plans for the provision of student services, following the passing of the VSU legislation on Friday 9 December.

Professor James McWha, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide said that the University and the students' organisation now needed to keep working together to ensure the maintenance of services that are important to the student experience.

"Now that the VSU bill has been passed we will continue to work closely with the AUU, as we have been doing all year, to minimise impacts and maintain student services.

"The AUU has been very responsible in its planning for the effects of VSU legislation. They have drafted their 2006 budget taking into account the potential for the introduction of VSU.

"Market research has identified services that are highly valued by the students and the University will work closely with the AUU to see them maintained.

"It has been very difficult to plan in an environment where no-one has been sure what form the final VSU bill would take. Now we know where we stand and concrete decisions about budgeting for services in 2006 can be made.

"We believe that the University of Adelaide's campus culture is one of its distinguishing marks and it is this culture and the provision of services to students that we seek to protect," Professor McWha said.


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