Uni and union forge the way ahead

Wednesday, 14 December 2005

The University of Adelaide and the Adelaide University Union (AUU) met yesterday to discuss the future of student services now that VSU legislation has been passed by the Federal Government.

This is part of an ongoing process that commenced in late 2004 when it became apparent that VSU legislation might be enforced.

The two organisations have co-funded market research into student opinions and priorities regarding services. There has also been an extensive strategic and financial planning process gearing up for the potential of lower AUU budgets in 2006.

Professor James McWha, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide said, "Our meeting yesterday was the first since we have had solid knowledge of what the VSU legislation means to the University of Adelaide and the AUU. As a result the AUU is working with the University to ensure that we will continue to provide those services that are highly valued by our students."

Josh Rayner, President of the AUU said, "The AUU considers that students' ability to access services such as the Education and Welfare Officers, the Employment Service, and sporting and other clubs is an integral part of the university experience. We, along with the University, are committed to enriching the quality of university life through the provision of valued and accessible services, facilities and opportunities, responsive to the needs of students."

As one working example, the University, the Adelaide University Sports Association and the AUU are looking at providing additional funding for the expansion of the popular Sports Hub fitness facility. This is a highly-valued student service that the University, the Sports Association and the AUU have been partners in since 2003.


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