Adelaide Uni moves to December graduations

Tuesday, 19 October 1999

The University of Adelaide is set to become the first South Australian university to hold its main student graduation ceremonies in summer rather than autumn.

From next year, graduation ceremonies for students in all faculties will be held in December instead of the traditional April/May period. The change will allow local and international students to graduate together within weeks - rather than months - of completing their final exams in November.

The University plans to hold a pilot graduation ceremony on 17 December this year for Dentistry and Commerce students, with a large group of Medical students also participating.

Between 2,500 and 3,000 students graduate from the University each year.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Mary O'Kane, said a survey of local and international students had found overwhelming support for the proposed change.

"The demand has been driven by the students themselves," she said. "December graduation ceremonies will mean that graduates can seek employment with their certificates already awarded. Most students are still resident in Adelaide a short time after completing their studies, so it's likely that more will be able to attend the ceremonies.

"The change will be particularly beneficial for international students. At present, because of visa restrictions and the financial burden involved, many of them are unable to return to Adelaide for graduations in April.

"Holding the ceremonies in December, within weeks of the final exams, will allow many more to attend without these difficulties."

Follow-on ceremonies will continue to be held for students unable to attend the main graduations. The University will also continue to hold its annual graduation celebration ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.


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