Uni partners with EOC to enhance human rights and equal opportunity

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The University of Adelaide and the South Australian Equal Opportunity Commission have launched a unique PhD program to help tackle key workplace and cultural equity issues facing South Australia.

The PhD program will include a stipend scholarship for up to four years, as well as an internship in the Equal Opportunity Commission, with academic supervision and fortnightly one-on-one meetings with the Commissioner.

University of Adelaide Dean of Graduate Studies Professor John Williams said the unique internship and industry experience will be offered to up to five PhD students from next year.

"Students with a strong academic record in fields such as psychology, law, economics, social science, business or management will have a chance to be awarded one of these scholarships with the Equal Opportunity Commission," Professor Williams said.

"As part of the program, they will have a part-time placement in the Commission, and will have academic supervision and guidance from the South Australian Commissioner for Equal Opportunity, Dr Niki Vincent, who was awarded University of Adelaide medals for her Honours and PhD in Psychology.

"This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to gain practical experience and insights while carrying out their PhD research.

"At the University of Adelaide, we have a proud record of partnering with the State Government to tackle some of the policy and legal challenges facing our state, including through the SA Law Reform Institute, and this builds on that work," Professor Williams said.

Equal Opportunity Commissioner Dr Niki Vincent said she was excited about the new partnership which would have a genuine impact on studying and addressing important human rights and equal opportunities issues facing the State.

"We will be encouraging students to examine areas such as alternative dispute resolution, flexible working arrangements, gender pay gaps, the effects of workplace diversity, accommodating workers impacted by domestic violence and barriers to employment to Aboriginal employees," Dr Vincent said.

"The students working on this research will work alongside my team members who have qualifications in areas such as Law, Psychology, Social Work, Public Policy, Mediation, Policing and Adult Education.

"I’m really enthusiastic about the opportunities to work together to look into addressing some of the inequities and injustices that South Australians face in the workplace and elsewhere."

Potential applicants for this PhD program can find more information here.


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