Jeumont Electric and the University Of Adelaide sign technology partnership agreement

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

The University of Adelaide and the French company Jeumont Electric at the PACIFIC 2017 exposition in Sydney today announced an agreement to establish a collaboration between the two entities.

Jeumont Electric, a leading specialist of electrical rotating machinery and control for more than a century, will receive seven engineering students from the University of Adelaide for six-month internships in order to reinforce their knowledge and experience of electrical and mechanical engineering in an advanced industrial context. Topics covered will include monitoring (data acquisition and processing for predictive maintenance), machine modelling and simulation algorithms.

With this agreement, Jeumont Electric demonstrates its determination to participate in a long-term engagement between Australia and France in basic research, in the context of long term programmes in the marine sector as well as other sectors such as renewable energies. Jeumont Electric has been selected as a partner in the SEA 1000 - Future Submarines program.

“We are honoured to enter this agreement with the University of Adelaide, which has an undisputed strong reputation in research,” explains Brahim Ammar, President of Jeumont Electric.

“The students we will receive will be able to work with us on topics of research applied to industrial problems. This is an essential advance for the future, and the first step of a durable partnership.”

This agreement marks the University of Adelaide’s determination to apply its leading research capabilities to support the development of tomorrow’s industries, including the defence sector. It also presents students with an opportunity to launch a successful career in the advanced technological, industrial and defence sectors that will sustain Australia’s long-term competitiveness and economic prosperity.

“We are delighted to enter a partnership with a leading company of longstanding reputation internationally, and support the translation of our research into projects of international technical and economic significance,” says Professor Julie Owens, Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research at the University of Adelaide.

“From our students’ perspective, an internship with Jeumont Electric presents a unique opportunity to launch a career in some of Australia’s most vibrant sectors in a global context.

"In addition to the substantial practical knowledge to be gained through this internship, the significant international experience will also provide a clear advantage in a job market due to grow considerably over the next decade.”


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