New technology driving jobs and growth in Playford

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The University of Adelaide is teaming up with the City of Playford to research and roll-out Smart City technology aimed at benefiting residents and businesses in Adelaide’s north.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed today at Playford’s business development hub, the Stretton Centre, where staff and strategists from the University and Council will collaborate on student projects, research plans and funding applications to create jobs and deliver cutting edge services.

These services are aimed at cultivating new businesses, driving economic growth, streamlining Council services and increasing participation in our parks and public spaces.

“This project is fundamentally about finding new ways to exploit technology in order to cut service delivery costs and make the day-to-day activities of our community easier to manage,” City of Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty says.

The University of Adelaide’s Australian Smart Cities Consortium is one of the most multi-disciplinary centres for smart cities research in Australia.

“We are committed to helping Playford deliver an exciting suite of measures and programs,” says Associate Professor Nick Falkner, Director of the Australian Smart Cities Consortium. “Smart cities initiatives are about making cities better for the people who live there. Experts from across the University’s five faculties are part of the Australian Smart Cities Consortium, working together at city-scale and supporting development of policy, new products, designs and services.”

University of Adelaide Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Operations) Professor Julie Owens says: “Our smart cities initiative is unique because of our ability to draw many different disciplines together to link smart science and technology to social well-being and business.”

“Our students will have the opportunity to work alongside researchers and Playford City staff to produce real benefits for the people of Playford.”

One of the first projects will be a Smart Parking Pilot in the Playford Health precinct near the Lyell McEwin hospital.

“Our field staff will collect real time data about congestion hot spots and pass it on to the University of Adelaide’s Australian Smart Cities Consortium team who’ll analyse it and explore ways to deal with parking problems and access in that area,” says Mayor Docherty.

“Playford already has a strong track record of using new technology to create efficiencies. From the management of our suburban areas to our recycled water business which has captured and injected 2.5 years of future water needs,” he says.

However as the fastest growing region in South Australia, Playford continues to face many challenges in the way it manages its assets, provides services and supports community development and that’s where the University of Adelaide comes into the picture.

“The team at the University of Adelaide will help collect data we need to make evidence-based decisions to support the projected growth of more than 136,000 extra residents by 2036,” he says.


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