Academic Integrity Policy


This policy supports Academic Integrity across all learning and teaching activities at the University, regardless of location or mode, by specifying the main principles of Academic Integrity, and the responsibilities of the University and its staff and students. It sets out the University's approach to managing allegations of breaches of Academic Integrity and to continuously improving its Academic Integrity support and processes.


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  • Administration, Approval and Review

    RMO File No. 2018/4749
    Policy custodian Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic)
    Responsible policy officer Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Learning)
    Endorsed by Academic Board on 3 June 2020
    Approved by Vice-Chancellor and President on 10 June 2020
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    Superceded Policies Academic Honesty Policy
    Effective from 27 July 2020
    Review Date 27 July 2023
    Contact for queries about the policy Educational Quality & Compliance:

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