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This procedure details the process for a staff member seeking to initiate a review of the classification of their position.


This procedure applies to all professional staff (excluding casuals) where the staff member considers that the duties and responsibilities of their current position have changed significantly enough to warrant a review of the classification.

Note: Applications for a position classification review are assessed and determined on the documentation provided in relation to the duties/ responsibilities/ increased complexity of the position and work value.

General Principle

Professional staff members are classified according to the Professional Classification Standards and position descriptions that are required to describe the duties and responsibilities of the positions.

Enterprise Agreement (as amended) - Professional classification Standards

Eligibility and Conditions

If the position is reclassified the new classification will take effect no later than 20 working days from the date of submission of the application for classification review (i.e. it can be backdated).

1. Process for a Classification Review of a Position

Enterprise Agreement (as amended) - Classification Review

Generally, it is expected that the position classification application should progress through each management level allowing each manager a period of 10 days to consider and make a recommendation or authorisation.

Responsibility: Staff Member

1.1 Notify and discuss with their supervisor the details of the changes to the duties and responsibilities of the position they believe have occurred.

Responsibility: Supervisor

1.2 In consultation with the HR Consultant, provide comment and discuss with the staff member, where they believe the position's responsibilities/complexities have or have not increased or grown.

1.3 If , after these discussions and due consideration of the staff member's justification for a position reclassification, the supervisor does not believe a position classification is warranted, they will advise the staff member that their application will not be supported and the application will then be forwarded to the Head of School/Branch Head for their consideration.

1.4 If, after discussions with the staff member, the supervisor believes the changes relate to an increased level of responsibility/ work value, a draft proposed new position description will be developed by the supervisor.

1.5 Complete the relevant section of the Position Classification Review Application Form and attach the following:

1.5.1 Current position description

1.5.2 Draft proposed position description

1.5.3 Current organisational chart (showing the position for review)

1.6 The supported application for a classification review of the position is then forwarded to the Head of School/Branch Head for their consideration.

Responsibility: Head of School/Branch Head/Finance Manager

1.7 Review the application and, if provided, the documentation from the supervisor and /or the staff member.

1.8 Support or not support the application and forward recommendation to the Executive Dean/Divisional Head.

Responsibility: Executive Dean/Corporate Manager/Divisional Head

1.9 Review and assess the application for a classification review of a staff member's position, including comments provided by the supervisor and Head of School/Branch Head.

1.10 Approve or decline the recommendation for reclassification.

1.11 Advise the Head of School/supervisor the outcome of application.

1.12 Forward supported reclassification application to Human Resources for assessment of the classification of the position.

Responsibility: Human Resources

1.13 Provide advice to supervisors, Heads of School/Branch Heads (Executive Dean/Divisions) on any aspects relating to the classification review and the Professional Classification Standards.

1.14 Review the two position descriptions (current and proposed) and determine the appropriate classification level, in line with the Professional Classification Standards Descriptions

1.15 Undertake further investigations to determine the appropriate classification of the application in line with the Professional Classification Standards

1.16 Determine the commencement date any successful classification review will take effect, no later than 20 working days from the date of the submission of the classification review application.

Responsibility: Manager, HR Consulting

1.17 Where the HR Consultant has reviewed the position description and a classification of Level 9 or below has been determined, the Manager, HR Consulting can approve the reclassification of this position.

Responsibility: Director, HR (Human Resources)

1.18 Where the HR Consultant has reviewed the position description and a classification above level 9 has been determined, the Director, H R will approve the reclassification of the position.

Note: Where a number of classification requests are required due to organisational reviews, HR, after consultation, may broker a suitable external contractor to provide the support required, at the expense of the School/Branch. These contractors will determine classification on the Professional Classification Standards in the Enterprise Agreement.

2. Source of Funds

2.1 The respective Faculty/Division is financially responsible for the cost of any reclassification of a position

3. Appeal

3.1 A staff member can seek a review of the Human Resources Branch assessment of the classification of their position. For information on the appeal process refer:

Enterprise Agreement (as amended) - Classification Review


Enterprise Agreement (as amended) - Review and Appeals Committee

Further Information:

If the position is vacant or new and requires a determination on its classification please refer to the Recruitment Procedures - Vacancy Preparation.

If you require assistance in understanding any aspect of this procedure please contact the Human Resources Service Centre, extension 31111 or email hrservicecentre@adelaide.edu.au

Date uploaded 4 October 2012

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