Staff Development, Performance and Promotions Policy and Procedures


The University aims to: build the knowledge, skills and capabilities of its staff in support of the University's world class research and excellent student experience; enable all staff to be and perform at their best; and ensure that development, performance and promotions processes are inclusive, fair, respectful of diversity and promote equitable access for staff.

Title Version Document Date uploaded
Staff Development, Performance and Promotions Policy D2015/264385 Staff_Development_Performance_and_Promotions_Policy_070219[1].pdf [47.6K] (application/pdf) 7 Feb 2019
D2015/264385 5_-_Final_-_Staff_Dev_Perf_Promotions_Policy_-_29_October_2015.htm [11.7K] (text/html) 30 Oct 2015
d2012/212905 D2012_212905__Performance_Development_and_Promotion_Policy.htm [8.0K] (text/html) 19 Dec 2012
Academic Promotions Procedure d2019/55270 Academic_Promotions_Procedure.pdf [469.3K] (application/pdf) 12 Mar 2019
d2018/54456 Academic_Promotions_Procedure_-_Updated_for_compliance_with_the_University_of_~_refer_d2018_50700.pdf [436.6K] (application/pdf) 16 May 2018
d2018/43134 1_-_Final_3.2_Academic_Promotions_Procedure_-_23_February_2018.pdf [445.3K] (application/pdf) 26 Feb 2018
d2017/22784 1_-_Final_3.1_-_Promotions_Procedure_(Ac~dments_-_approved_by_Chief_Operating_Officer_-_1_February_2017_-_see_d201722779.pdf [443.8K] (application/pdf) 1 Feb 2017
d2016/51817 5_-_Final_-_Promotions_Procedure_-_26_April_2016_-_revised.pdf [775.5K] (application/pdf) 26 Apr 2016
d2015/60700 D2015_60700__5_-_Final_-_Promotions_Procedure_-_3_March_2015.pdf [349.5K] (application/pdf) 5 Mar 2015
N/A Interim_Promotions_Procedure(Academic_Staff_and_Titleholders)_-_22_January_2015.doc [123.5K] (application/msword) 22 Jan 2015
d2014/320496 D2014_320496__Final_-_Promotions_procedure_-_10_December_2014_-_EA_-_Final.PDF [557.0K] (application/pdf) 14 Jan 2015
D2012/231452 Promotions_Procedure_(Academic_Staff_and_Titleholders)-final_revision.htm [75.7K] (text/html) 2 Sep 2014
d2012/231452 Promotions_Procedure_(Academic_Staff_and_Titleholders)-final_revision.htm [75.3K] (text/html) 4 Jun 2014
Planning, Development and Review Procedure d2018/54465 5_-_Final_-_PDR_Procedure_-_1_November_2016_-_EA_edits_6_March_2018.pdf [289.1K] (application/pdf) 13 Mar 2018
d2016/236644 5_-_Final_-_PDR_Procedure_-_3_November_2016.pdf [834.6K] (application/pdf) 3 Nov 2016
d2015/247441 PDR_Procedure_-_approved_by_Vice-Chancellor_and_President_6_October_2015_-_ref_d2015244627.pdf [696.7K] (application/pdf) 9 Oct 2015
Time Off for Study Leave Procedure d2019/25230 Time_Off_for_Study_Procedure_(professional_staff)_Final_(Clean).pdf [497.8K] (application/pdf) 5 Feb 2019
d2018/54472 Time_off_for_Study_Procedure_-_Updated_for_compliance_with_the_University_of_~_refer_d2018_50700.pdf [187.3K] (application/pdf) 16 May 2018
d2015/247436 Time_off_for_Study_Procedure_-_approved_Vice-Chancellor_and_President_-_6_October_2015,_ref_d2015244627.pdf [533.6K] (application/pdf) 9 Oct 2015

RMO File No. 2015/4394
Policy custodian Chief Operating Officer
Responsible policy officer Director, Human Resources
Approved by Vice-Chancellor and President on 6 October 2015
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Related legislation Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth)
Superceded Policies Performance, Development and Promotions Policy

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Staff Development Secondment and Exchange Policy and Guidelines

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Reward and Recognition Framework Policy

Effective from 7 February 2019
Review Date 6 October 2018
Contact for queries about the policy Manager, Performance and Development, Julie Le Lievre, tel: 8313 3130

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