Policies under review

The following policies are being reviewed or are due for review within the next 6 months.

  • Academic Honesty Policy
    Academic honesty is a fundamental part of learning and teaching and a core value of the University of Adelaide. The University takes the view that all academic dishonesty is unacceptable and this poli...
  • Academic Progress by Coursework Students Policy
    This policy describes the ways in which the University identifies students who are not making satisfactory academic progress and therefore considered at risk by the University. It outlines the measure...
  • Alcohol Management and Use Policy
    The University of Adelaide is committed to providing its staff, students and visitors with a safe, secure and inclusive community. The University recognises that staff, students and visitors enjoy a ...
  • Assessment for Coursework Programs Policy
    Assessment is a core academic activity and an essential component of the learning process. Its main purposes are to encourage student learning, to make judgements about student achievements, and to mo...
  • Authorship Policy
    The University of Adelaide Responsible Conduct of Research Policy adopts the principles embodied in the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research [the Code], including the requirements f...
  • Award of Emeritus Professor, Emeritus Fellow and Honorary University Fellow Titles Policy
    The policy provides for the award of emeritus titles to honour and acknowledge distinguished and sustained service to the University.
  • Behaviour and Conduct Policy
    The University of Adelaide aims to encourage a working environment of respect, transparency and integrity through appropriate behaviour and conduct and through compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Chancellor Honorarium Policy Restricted to Staff & Students
    Council in November 2014 approved an Honorarium be given to the Chancellor of the University of Adelaide.
  • Child-Safe Environment Policy
    The University is committed to the protection and wellbeing of children in accordance with: the Children's Protection Act 1993 (SA) ("the Act"), which requires appropriate policies and procedures in p...
  • Copyright Compliance Policy
    In undertaking teaching, research or other University activities, it is often necessary to use, adapt or link to material that is owned by a party other than the University. The University supports th...
  • Credit Risk Management Policy
  • Endowment Fund Policy
  • Equal Opportunity Policy
    Through this policy the University seeks to promote the principles of equal opportunity; equity, fairness and social justice and to acting in accordance with relevant legislation.
  • Externally-Funded Researcher Support Policy
    Research Fellows and Grant Funded Researchers play a vital role in the University, and contribute to a vibrant research culture that characterises our research-intensive institution. The purpose of th...
  • Foreign Exchange Risk Management Policy Restricted to Staff
  • Giving Policy Restricted to Staff
    Engagement with and support from the broader community - locally, nationally and internationally - is essential for the University to continue to be recognised as a great research and teaching univers...
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing Policy
    The University of Adelaide aims to create and engender a University culture that values health, safety and wellbeing as fundamental components of the work environment, supported by safe systems of wor...
  • IT Acceptable Use and Security Policy
    The University of Adelaide seeks to provide its staff, students, titleholders and visitors with secure and timely access to IT equipment and the online services and resources necessary for undertaking...
  • Insurance Program Policy
    This Policy affirms the University's commitment to building a risk culture in which opportunities and threats are identified and managed effectively to assist in the pursuit of the University's object...
  • Interest Rate Risk Management Policy
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