Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology (Honours)

Direct entry into the Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology (Honours) is not available. Students who have completed the first three years of the Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology to a satisfactory level have the option to apply for a transfer into the Honours program.

Honours is a 1 year program consisting of a research project and associated theoretical work.

An Honours year provides professional training in a chosen area of specialisation, providing the opportunity to experience scientific research first hand.

Researchers in the Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology at the University of Adelaide are international leaders in their fields, providing an opportunity for students to join them for your Honours year and work at the cutting edge of science and technology.

During an Honours year, you will learn new techniques and broaden your skill base, opening the doors to increased job opportunities.

Honours can give you a competitive edge in the job market, or if you are interested in further study, it is an important foundation for postgraduate research.

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  • 70% of Australia's wine research conducted at Waite
  • Learn in Australia's largest teaching winery
  • Undertake a major research or industry project

Entry Requirements

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Domestic applicants

Admissions information

Deferment Yes - 2 year
Intake February
Selection Criteria
Higher Education Study Students who have completed the required undergraduate program to a satisfactory level may be eligible to apply for the Honours program.
Other Entry Pathways

Fees and Scholarships

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Graduate Attributes

The objective of this program is to produce graduates with specific attributes as outlined in University of Adelaide Graduate Attributes.
  1. Deep discipline knowledge and intellectual breadth
  2. Creative and critical thinking, and problem solving
  3. Teamwork and communication skills
  4. Professionalism and leadership readiness
  5. Intercultural and ethical competency
  6. Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural competency
  7. Digital capabilities
  8. Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Potential careers

Brewer, Distiller, Agriculture, Agricultural Service Industry, Government or Corporate Policy Adviser, Grape Production, Grower Liaison Officer, Horticulturalist, Science Communicators, Scientific Officer, Vineyard Management, Winemaking, Winery Engineer, Wine Scientist, Winemaker, Winery Manager

Degree Structure

Academic Program Rules

The Calendar is a comprehensive handbook of the University's academic program rules.

Honours Degree of Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology

Example Study Plan

Indicative study plan
Year1 S1 BIOLOGY 1101 Biology I: Molecules, Genes and Cells
CHEM 1100 Chemistry IA
CHEM 1101 Foundations of Chemistry IA
OENOLOGY 1018NW Foundations of Wine Science I PHYSICS 1101 Physics for the Life and Earth Sciences IA
PHYSICS 1008 Physical Aspects of Nature I
S2 BIOLOGY 1202 Biology I: Organisms CHEM 1200 Chemistry IB
CHEM 1201 Foundations of Chemistry IB
SOIL&WAT 1000WT Soils and Landscapes I STATS 1004 Statistical Practice I (Life Sciences)
Year2 S1 AGRIC 2500WT Agricultural Biochemistry II OENOLOGY 2501WT Microbiology for Viticulture and Oenology II PLANT SC 2510WT Foundations in Plant Science II SOIL&WAT 2500WT Soil and Water Resources II
S2 AGRIC 2510WT Agricultural Genetics II OENOLOGY 2503WT Introductory Winemaking II OENOLOGY 2502WT Sensory Studies II VITICULT 2500WT Viticultural Science II
Year 3 S1 OENOLOGY 3007WT Stabilisation and Clarification III OENOLOGY 3047WT Winemaking at Vintage III PLANT SC 3510WT Plant Health III VITICULT 3021WT Viticultural Science III
S2 OENOLOGY 3037WT Distillation, Fortified & Sparkling Winemaking III OENOLOGY 3046WT Fermentation Technology III VITICULT 3044WT Viticultural Methods & Procedures III OENOLOGY 3530WT Engineering for Viticulture and Oenology III
Level IV for Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology (Hons)
Year4 S1 OENOLOGY 3500WT Industry Experience (Viticulture & Oenology) III [or Semester 2] OENOLOGY 3016WT Cellar & Winery Waste Management III VITICULT 4010AWT Honours Viticulture and Oenology Part 1 (6 units)
S2 OENOLOGY 3520WT Advances in Wine Science III OENOLOGY 3003WT Wine Packaging & Quality Management III VITICULT 4010BWT Honours Viticulture and Oenology Part 2 (6 units)


Building my technical palate through tastings was an important skills for my career. Having knowledge about flavour chemistry and how molecules interact in the bottle has helped my career.

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