Dr Mounir Ghabriel

Dr Mounir Ghabriel
 Position Associate Professor of Anatomy
 Org Unit Medical Sciences
 Email mounir.ghabriel@adelaide.edu.au
 Telephone +61 8 8313 5481
 Location Floor/Room 1 ,  Helen Mayo North ,   North Terrace
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    Associate Professor Mounir Ghabriel


    Telephone         (08) 8313 5481

    Position         Emeritus Fellow

    Email mounir.ghabriel@adelaide.edu.au

    Fax         (08) 8313 5481

    Building Helen Mayo North

    Floor/Room       N242

    Campus         North Terrace

    Org Unit School of Medicine


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    Biography/ Background


    Associate Professor Mounir Ghabriel


    MB, BCh, PhD, DBMSc (Anatomy)



    Associate Professor Mounir Ghabriel has a strong interest and experience in learning and teaching human anatomy to undergraduate and postgraduate students. He taught anatomy at universities in Europe, Australia, Africa and America. He has been teaching anatomy to undergraduate and postgraduate medical and dental students at the University of Adelaide since 1994.

    Anatomy Workshop for Ophthalmology Trainees

    Applied_Anatomy_for_Ophthalmology_Trainees_One-day_Exam_Trial_Overview_and_contents.pdf [555.4K] (application/pdf)


    The Limbs Anatomy Worshop for Surgical Trainees

    Mounir’s dedication and teaching innovation have earned him several university and national teaching awards.


    Teaching Awards


    2013            National Teaching Award, by The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA), for Significant Contribution to Medical Education in Australia.


    2012            National OLT Award for Teaching Excellence. The Top National Award for University Teachers, Administered by the Office of Learning and Teaching, Ministry of Higher Education, Skills and Research, Australian Government.


    2011            Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) citation for “decades of supporting, encouraging and inspiring medical students to learn human anatomy using multiple novel and interactive approaches”. Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning recognise and reward the diverse contributions made by individuals and teams to the quality of student learning.


    2011            The University of Adelaide, “The Stephen Cole the Elder Award, for excellence in teaching”. The Stephen Cole the Elder Awards were established through a bequest to the University to honour Stephen Cole the Elder, a South Australian pioneer.


    2011            The University of Adelaide, “The Vice-Chancellor and President’s Award, for Excellence in Teaching”. This is the University's premier teaching award. The winner is selected each year from the winners of the Stephen Cole the Elder Awards.


    2011            The University of Adelaide, “The Richard Pellew Prize, in Recognition of Outstanding Teaching and Service to the Medical Students in Years 1-3”.


    2010            The University of Adelaide, “The Richard Pellew Prize, in Recognition of Outstanding Teaching and Service to the Medical Students in Years 1-3”.


    2009            The University of Adelaide, “The Richard Pellew Prize, in Recognition of Outstanding Teaching and Service to the Medical Students in Years 1-3”


    2006            Faculty of Health Sciences, “Executive Dean’s Prize for Excellence in Teaching”.


    Mounir is the coordinator of the postgraduate “Applied anatomy course for surgical/radiology trainees”


    Musculoskeletal system: Upper limb, Lower limb and Spine

    March  – April, one evening per week.

    December, five-days full-time course.


    For further information and registration form contact:

    A/Prof. Mounir Ghabriel, Discipline of Anatomy and Pathology, University of Adelaide.

    e-mail: mounir.ghabriel@adelaide.edu.au

    Research Interests

    Mounir is interested in the structure and function of the blood-brain, blood-CSF and blood-nerve barriers. The research aims at elucidating the factors leading to breakdown of the blood-brain barrier in pathological conditions. Current research includes the study of barrier vessels in brain trauma, brain tumours and the role of neuroprotective agents. The methodology includes the use of light and electron microscopy, freeze-fracture, immunocytochemistry, electron microscopy, application of tracers, western-blotting and functional studies. The group has strong collaboration with the Centre for neurological diseases at the IMVS, Adelaide. His Research Gate (RG) score is 33.9, and his ranking is higher than 92.5 of Research Gate members. He has published 60 full papers in scientific journals and 78 conference presentations and abstracts. 


    Ghabriel MN and Makar PH (2011) Anatomical variations in the ulnar nerve and hypothenar muscles. International Journal of Anatomical Variations, 4: 131-133.


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    Khoury J, Mihailidis S, Ghabriel M and Townsend G (2011) Applied anatomy of the pterygomandibular space: improving the success of inferior alveolar nerve blocks. The Australian Dental Journal, 56: 112-121.


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    Cai Z, Finnie JW, Blumbergs PC, Manavis J, Ghabriel MN, Thompson PD (2006) Early paranodal myelin swellings (tomacula) in an avian riboflavin deficiency model of demyelinating neuropathy. Experimental Neurology, 198: 65-71.


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    Ghabriel MN, Zhu C, Leigh C (2002) Electron microscope study of blood-brain barrier opening induced by immunological targeting of the endothelial barrier antigen. Brain Research, 934: 140-151.


    Ghabriel MN, Lu JJ, Hermanis G, Zhu C and Setchell BP (2002) Expression of a blood-brain barrier-specific antigen in the rat male reproductive tract. Reproduction, 123: 389-397.


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    Ghabriel MN, Zhu C, Reilly PL, Blumbergs PC, Manavis J, Finnie JW (2000) Toxin-induced vasogenic cerebral oedema in a rat model. Acta Neurochirorgica Suppl., 76: 231-236.


    Ghabriel MN, Zhu C, Hermanis G, Allt G (2000) Immunological targeting of the endothelial barrier antigen (EBA) in vivo leads to opening of the blood-brain barrier. Brain Research, 878: 127-135.




  • Qualifications

    MBBCh, PhD, DBMSc (Anatomy)

  • Teaching Interests

    Applied Anatomy for Surgical Trainees Workshops (see attached files)

    Applied Anatomy for ophthalmology Trainees workshop

    Applied Anatomy for surgical trainees: Upple and lower limb workshop

    Applied Anatomy Workshop for surgical trainees: Limbs Exam trial

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    CategoriesEducation, Medicine & Medical Research
    ExpertiseMultimedia in teaching the anatomy of the human body; blood vessels of the brain in health and disease; Blood-brain barrier, Head trauma

    Cereral oedema in brain trauma research
    NotesAmerican Association of Clinical Anatomists
    Australian and New Zealand Association of Clinical Anatomists
    Australian Neuroscience Society

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